Extra Extra Art Gallery - Philadelphia, PA
Extra Extra operated from 2009-2012 in Philadelphia, PA. Projects were curated collaboratively and as individuals by: 
Derek Frech, Joe Lacina and Daniel Wallace


Mission Statement from 2009-2012
Extra Extra supports the development of artists interpreting our global society through an interdisciplinary lense. Whether by way of image, sound, text or performance, we seek to maintain a critical dialogue between the artists we exhibit, our local community and the global community online.

We find ourselves in a moment when political and social hierarchies are being dissolved, when the romance of individualism is being replaced by the power of the collective, and when the tools for both the production and distribution of information are being democratized. With this in mind, we present artistic projects created to examine our immediate cultural condition. We embrace our current speed. We look excitedly into the expanse. 



Abbas Akhavan, Adam Keller, Aleksandra Domanovic, Alex Da Corte, Alex Lukas, Alison Feldish, Alyse Ronayne, Andrew Norman Wilson, Artie Vierkant, Alexandr Skarlinski, Alistair Matthews, Bejamin Young, Beth Brandon, Beth Heinly, Bob Myaing, Brad Troemel, Brian Khek ,Brian Wallace, Brendan Sullivan, Carlos Gonzalez, Charles Broskoski, Chris Lawrence, Colin Self, Conrad Bakker, Constant Dullaart, Daniel G Baird, Daniel Glendening, Dave Murray, Emilie Fosnocht, Eric Veit, Erin M Riley, Eva and Franco Mattes, Gideon Chase, Heather Bregman, Iain Ball, Ingrid Burrington, James Johnson, Jake Dibeler, Joel Dean, Jon Rafman, Joni Murphy, Jong Kyu, Jordan Tate, Justin James Reed, Justin Kelly, Kari Altmann, Katie Dean, Kristen Smallwood, Lauren Brick, Lenox-Lenox, Leslie Rogers, Luren Jenison, Lee Freeman, Martin Basher, Matthew Palladino, Micah Schippa, Michael Hunter, Michael Reinsch, Michael Welsh, Michelle Ceja, Nick Van Woert, Oliver Laric, Paolo Pedercini, Rachel de Joode, Samantha Margherita, Sarah Johnson, Sydney Conaway, Tabor Robak, Zachary Davis



tropico post - apocalyptic
Victory Over the Sun Was Never Won in the West
Experimental Massage & GIRLFRIEND
Facts about the Past
Core Samples
Common Place
two performances
The Island Beautiful / Mortal Mirror
Virtual Assistance
A Diamond is Forever
Chris Lawrence
Constant Dullaart and Artie Vierkant
Suspect Device
Liminal Refraction
Soft Focus
Failure to Show
Pre-Career Retrospective
Casual Friday
Magic Show




Grin City Collective Artist Residency - Grinnell, IA

History of Grin City Collective and the Artist Residency Program


Founded in 2006, by Joe Lacina, Grin City Collective began as a summer residency for emerging artists called The Grinnell Artist Residency. That summer, Joe Lacina returned to his family farm with six of his friends from the Maryland Institute College of Art. The group completed four weeks of making art in the facility once used for the family's tofu business. They concluded the four weeks with a final show for the community.

The summer Emerging Artist program was repeated in 2008 and continued annually after that. In 2011 the residency expanded into a 6-month program open to artists at all stages of their career. 

But something was missing from the residency. Artists came and artists left, and while during their stay they accomplished much for their personal development, the program lacked relevance to the community in which it sat. Thus Grin City was born, a program dedicated to greater community sustainability and enrichment while maintaining the mission with which it began: to support emerging artists. The residency continued to expand until it hosted over forty writers, visual and performing artists each year. By the time Grin City’s residency program at the Lacina Farmstead ended, it had hosted 200 artists over ten years.

In 2016, Grin City discontinued its artist retreat on the Lacina Farmstead and now focuses entirely on community art projects.

Grin City attracted a cohort of creative minds within the local community. Year-round this group experimented with the intersection of contemporary art, maker-culture and rural living. The results of their work can be found throughout town: in the Stewart Art Gallery, at the farmer's market, Relish restaurant, and Grinnell College.




Hand Built Bicycles

Steel and Titanium bike frames


In 2016 and 2017 during graduate school at the University of Iowa I designed, welded and built two custom hand built bikes. The process was mesmerizing and although I have yet to integrate bike building into my art practice it is something that is always in the back of my mind. I made two frames one steel frame constructed as part of the Hand Built Bicycle I course and the second, a titanium frame as part of the Hand Built Bicycle II. These courses are still offered at the University of Iowa and taught by Steve McGuire.